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Toronto Star Editorial: Great model for the city

“Published on Sun Mar 15 2015 A civic-spirited developer, an open-minded neighbourhood and a resourceful city councillor have turned an urban dilemma into a remarkable success story. Three months ago, it looked as if the Red Door Shelter would be forced to close. The building in which it had been a tenant for 33 years… Read more »

Toronto councillor urges city to keep outdoor ice rinks open into March

Elizabeth Church – The Globe and Mail Wednesday, Feb. 26 2014 “Toronto Councillor Paula Fletcher wants the city to let skaters get the most out of this year’s cold weather and keep more rinks open into March. This weekend was the last call for most of the city’s 52 outdoor skating rinks, with 17 remaining… Read more »

Councillor planning motion to keep outdoor rinks open longer

By James Armstrong  Global News February 26, 2014 Despite the persistent freezing temperatures, most of the Toronto’s outdoor ice rinks are closed. But councillor Paula Fletcher hopes that if next winter brings similar temperatures, her new motion will give the parks committee the ability to keep those facilities open. “This weather is perfect skating weather… Read more »

The Star: Ice storm: Power back on for young family after six days

Marco Chown Oved – Dec 28 2013 Danielle Young is eight-and-a-half months pregnant, but during the six-day blackout at her house, that was the least of her worries. Standing on their doorstep with the door wide open because the temperature was about the same inside as out, Danielle Young and her two kids let out… Read more »