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Tory unveils plan to speed up downtown relief line

By Antonella Artuso Mayor John Tory wants to put the downtown relief line on the fast track, moving up $162 million in funding to accelerate construction by at least two years. Factoring in the cost of congestion on the roads and on the transit system, this investment in an expedited relief line makes economic sense,… Read more »

Virtual shooting range ends brief time on the Danforth

By David Nickle When Daniel Niszcz was looking for places to rent out for Echelon International, his fledgling business running a virtual firing range, he had certain criteria in mind. It had to be fairly large — big enough to accommodate a projection video screen for the competition-style targets, and a row of shooters, using… Read more »

Judge Strikes Down Cuts to City Council – A Win for Local Democracy!

Justice Belobaba struck down Ford’s legislation (Bill 5) that would have cut Toronto from 47 wards to 25 wards. This is a huge win for local democracy! Thank you to everyone who came to a meeting or rally, signed a petition, sent an email or made a phone call. Here is the link to the… Read more »