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Basement Flooding Study – Open House

Please join us at our first Public Open House to find out about the causes of flooding in the study area and learn more about the alternatives being considered.

311 Celebrates 1 year of Service

311 Toronto celebrates its 1st anniversary

It has been exactly one year since the City of Toronto launched its 311 service and it is fair to say that the residents of Toronto have embraced the 24/7 service.

St. Matthew's Lawn Bowling Club

The historic St. Matthew’s Lawn Bowling Club was moved from its Gerrard Street location to its new home in Riverdale Park off Broadview. The rehabilitation of the clubhouse is underway and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

City of Toronto Meeting Schedule

City of Toronto meeting schedule, September 20 – 24

Toronto City Council and its major committees will not be meeting again until after the October 25 municipal election. The boards of City agencies such as those noted below will continue to hold their regular business meetings this fall.