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Letter on Ranked Ballots

Thanks so much for your email and your advocacy for voting reform. I want to assure you I also support electoral reform I agree that ranked ballot voting is an exciting concept. So are other voting reform concepts like proportional representation. Meaningful reforms that get more people engaged and out to vote should be a… Read more »

New web page identifies construction affecting Toronto’s main roads

The City of Toronto has established a new web page that lists construction projects taking place on main roads, with the intention of helping people make choices in planning their travel on Toronto’s streets. “This online information will help residents and visitors alike as they make plans to travel in the city,” said Mayor Rob… Read more »

Home » News Community Extreme, prolonged cold temperatures affecting water services

Prolonged, extreme cold temperatures are having an impact on the City’s watermains and water services causing delays in response times to service calls related to the cold weather. Toronto has been experiencing unprecedented, sub-zero temperatures for an extended period of time. Water pipes are buried below the frost line (the frost line is approximately four… Read more »

Skating Schedules for Our Rinks

Ward 30 is lucky to have 3 rinks operating extended schedules until March 16th in Greenwood Park, Monarch Park and Riverdale Park. I hope to see you on the ice! Riverdale Rink Hours Greenwood Rink Hours Monarch Rink Hours