Community Agency and Service Index

Applegrove Community Complex

Multi-service community organization in southeast Riverdale in Toronto. Our catchment area runs from Jones to Woodbine Avenues and from Lake Ontario north to the Railway tracks.

Applegrove Community Complex
60 Woodfield Road
Toronto, Ontario M4L 2W6
Phone: 416-461-8143
Fax: 416-461-5513
Offers services for family support and seniors

Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Services

Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services improves health outcomes for the most vulnerable immigrants, refugees, and their communities. We do this by facilitating access to services and addressing systemic inequities.

3079 Danforth Ave
Phone: 416-285-7996
Population Served: newcomers, LGBTQ, criteria dependent upon program
Offers family support, health, mental health, counselling, food/nutrition, youth, info and refer., advocacy, services for immigrants.

Alternatives: East York Mental Health and Counselling Services

Alternatives is a community-based mental health agency located in the East End of Toronto. We provide one-to-one client counselling, case management and community supports to individuals who have significant mental health challenges.

2034 Danforth Ave
Population Served: 16+ mental health survivors

Offers services for homelessness, health, mental health, counselling and info and refer.

Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Services

Work with high-risk young people and families from all over the City of Toronto. Clients come with the hope of making major changes in their lives, changes that will enable them to overcome the debilitating effects of prolonged abuse, horribly dysfunctional inter-personal relationships with peers and family, dreadful life skills, and an overall sense of futility about the prospects for their futures.

41 Blake Street
Phone: 416-465-1410
Population served: Youth

Offers services for family support, housing support, mental health, counselling, youth and info and refer.

Community Care East York

Provides adult day care, social work services, supportive housing, and home maintenance services.

840 Coxwell Avenue suite 303
Phone: 416-422-1513
Offers family support, mental health and income support services.

COSTI Immigrant Services

COSTI Immigrant Services is a community-based multicultural agency providing employment, educational, settlement and social services to all immigrant communities, new Canadians and individuals in need of assistance.

2670 Danforth Avenue
Phone: 647-638-5252
Population served: newcomers

Offers family support, homelessness, health and mental health issues, legal, employment, counselling, food/nutrition, youth, advocacy, information and referrals and seniors.

Danforth Assessment Centre

540 Jones Ave
Phone: 416- 396-2313
Population Served: unemployed adults

Offers employment, youth and infr/ refer services

Dixon Hall Heyworth House

Dixon Hall is a multi-service agency, they promote good jobs, good health, safe shelter, vibrant cultures and a strong community.

2714 Danforth Ave
Phone: 416-463-5666
Population served: adult/youth

Offers housing support, homelessness, health, info and refer and senior services.

East End Community Health Centre

Provides primary care, health promotion and disease prevention services to the south-eastern quadrant of central Toronto
1619 Queen Street East
Phone: 416-778-5858
Population Served: priority clientele
Offers services for homeless, health, mental health, counselling and food/nutrition

East Toronto Community Legal Services

One of the over 80 community legal clinics that are funded by Legal Aid Ontario
1320 Gerrard St. East
Offers legal services, advocacy and information and referrals.

East York East Toronto Family Resources Organizations

EYET provides vital services and programs to a diverse population in East York and East Toronto. We place a strong emphasis on creating environments where everyone feels like they belong
947 Queen Street East
Phone: 416-686-3390
Offers childcare, family support, housing support, employment services, youth and information and referral services.

East York Housing Help

As a multi-service organization, EYET provides family resource programs, community services, parent/child drop-ins, childcare programs and an integrated continuum of housing programs including
71 Gough Ave.
Phone: 416-698-9306
Housing Support, Homelessness services and advocacy

Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre

Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre is a member of United Way of Toronto, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and supported by the City of Toronto. The Centre is an incorporated, registered charity under the name “East Toronto Family Community Centre”.
86 Blake Street
Phone: 416-392-1750x 318
Population served: youth, children, families and seniors
Offers childcare, family support, housing support and services on food/nutrition

Family Services Toronto

Assisting families and individuals through counselling, community development, advocacy and public education programs
747 Warden Avenue
Phone: 416-586-9777 x 425
Offers childcare, family support, housing support, health, counselling, food/nutrition, youth, info and referrals, advocacy and senior services

Massey Centre

Provides a comprehensive range of programs and services for families and babies with a focus on pregnant and parenting teens
1102 Broadview Ave
Phone: 416- 425-6348
Population served: Young moms
Offers childcare, family support, housing support, homelessness services, health, mental health, employment services, food/nutrition, youth and information and referral services.

Meals on Wheels – Woodgreen Community Services

Nutritious meals delivered at clients’ home. Delivered by volunteers or staff who provide seniors with regular social contact and check on their safety.

815 Danforth Ave
Phone: 416-645-6000
Offers food/ nutrition services.

Neighbourhood Centre

Secord Public School- 91 Barrington Ave
Phone: 416-698-1626
Offers family support, housing support, legal services, counselling, youth services and information and referrals.

Neighbourhood Link Support Services

Neighbourhood Link Support Services is an innovative community support agency with a history of innovative advocacy work and strong roots in the community
3036 Danforn Centh Ave
Population served: social assistance recipients
Offers housing support, homelessness services, health, mental health, legal services, employment services, counselling, food and nutrition, youth services, information and referrals, income support and advocacy.

Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto

Offers language skills, training, employment programs and settlement services to newcomer women, predominantly from Toronto’s east end neighbourhoods
745 Danforth Ave Suite 401
Phone: 416-469-0196

Ralph Thornton Centre

The Ralph Thornton Community Center is a City owned, community managed facility which offers space, support, and service to many community organizations and partners.  RTCC is where neighbours meet, events are celebrated, programs are enjoyed, and support is exchanged. We develop programs, nourish culture, and empower resident action.  We work with other agencies, individuals, and groups to build the capacity of a caring, healthy, and vibrant community.

765 Queen Street East
Phone: 416-392-6810
Offers family support, housing support, health, counselling, food and nutrition, youth, advocacy, seniors, information and referrals.

Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre

Multilingual agency with experience in delivering settlement, language training and employment services for newcomers across four locations in the Greater Toronto area.
1326 Gerrard Street East
Phone: 416-465-6021
Population Served: Women and low income
Offers family support, employment services, food and nutrition and youth services.

SEAS Centre

Phone: 416-466-8842
Offers family support, housing support, homeless services, health, mental health, legal services, employment services, counselling, youth services, information and referrals, advocacy and senior services.

Service Canada

1000 Gerrard St. East (inside Gerrard Square)
Phone: 1-800-0-CANADA
Offers childcare and family support.

South Riverdale Community Health Centre

A community-based organization that offers primary health care services and health promotion programs to a diverse community.
955 Queen Street East
Phone: 416-461-1925
Population served: new immigrants
Offers childcare, family support, housing support, homelessness issues, health, mental health, employment services, counselling, youth, info and referrals

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships

Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute: 800 Greenwood Ave Rm A-36
Offers services for mental health and food and nutrition

VPI Inc Danforth Employment Zone for Youth

2763 Danforth Ave Unit 3
Offers employment and youth services

WoodGreen Community Services

815 Danforth Ave, Suite 208
Phone: 416-645-6000
Offers services for immigrants, childcare, family support, housing support, homelessness services, mental health, employment services, counselling, food/nutrition, youth, information and referrals, advocacy and seniors.