ActiveTO is about making sure people have space to get around while respecting physical distancing. ActiveTO is a measured and data driven approach to support essential trips, front-line workers, and vulnerable road users. Locations are being planned by evaluating several factors including population density, equity, access to greenspace, and traffic volumes.

ActiveTO Initiatives include quiet streets, closing major roads for active transportation, and expanding the cycling network.

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Quiet Streets

Quiet Streets are shared space to allow local residents to maintain physical distancing within their communities through the installation of signage and temporary barricades to encourage slow, local vehicle access only. They do not invite people to congregate or host social gatherings on the street.

Signs and temporary barricades will be placed on neighbourhood streets to allow local car traffic only and open up space for people who walk, run, use wheelchairs and bike. Over 50 km of streets have been planned for the initial roll-out of the program across the City.

The Quiet Streets program begins the week of May 11 and continues until indicated by the City.

Quiet Streets in Ward 14:

  • An East-West route on Fulton Ave/Sammon Ave from Broadview to Monarch Park Ave
  • A North-South route on Monarch Park Ave from Sammon Ave to Felstead Ave
  • A North-South route on Woodfield Rd from the rail corridor to Lakeshore Blvd

I am interested to see how the design can be improved and expanded. This is the first step, not the end product, and I am committed to working with you on the next steps.


Introducing the ActiveTO Cycling Network Plan

On May 28th City Council approved a pilot to bring residents back onto the Danforth to shop, dine and travel safely.

The City will create on-street patios for physical distancing, as well as cycle tracks on both sides of the Danforth while maintaining parking.

As residents spend more time outside and as more businesses reopen, this is a great opportunity to create safer and more beautiful streets that are well planned, support the many vibrant retail shops and connect residents all across the city.

Click here to read the media release I sent out with Councillor Bradford. 

ActiveTO was developed by Toronto Public Health and Transportation Services to make space for people to be outside while physical distancing. Part of this plan will now include expanding the cycling network.

An expanded cycling network will help people on bikes move around safely, better connect those on bikes to the places they need to go, and mirror major transit routes.

The report to City Council has a proposal to expand key parts of the cycling network through the accelerated installation of routes in the council-approved Cycling Network Plan. Click here to read the full item and staff report.

Here are the proposed routes:

  • Danforth Avenue, from Broadview Avenue to Dawes Road, Cycle TrackBloor Street from Avenue Road to Sherbourne St, Cycle Track
  • Dundas Street East, from Sackville Street to Broadview Avenue, Cycle Track
  • University Avenue / Queens Park, from Adelaide Street to Bloor Street, Cycle Track
  • Huntingwood Drive, from Victoria Park Ave to Brimley Road, Bicycle Lane
  • Brimley Road, from Kingston Road to Lawrence Avenue, Cycle Track
  • Bayview Avenue, from River Street to Rosedale Valley Road, Multi-Use Trail
  • River Street, from Gerrard Street East to Bayview Avenue, Multi-Use Trail
  • Wilmington Avenue, from Finch Avenue to Sheppard Avenue, Bicycle Lane
  • Faywood Boulevard, from Sheppard Avenue to Wilson Avenue, Bicycle Lane

Click here to watch the video featuring the Mayor and City Councillors across Toronto.

Vibrant main streets are the heart and soul of our communities. Enhancing the pedestrian experience and safety, adding cycling infrastructure while at the same time accommodating traffic flow and parking, are important elements to encourage neighbourhood travel to the Danforth and help businesses at this difficult time.