Danforth Study

The City of Toronto is inviting all members of the Danforth community to participate in a public consultation as a part of the Danforth Avenue Complete Street and Planning Study.

The first meeting was held November 7th, 2019 and included a brief presentation about the study followed by interactive group discussion. Feedback from the first community will help shape the scope of the study. You can view the presentation here:



The City has created a website to help residents learn about and participate in the Danforth Avenue Complete Street and Planning Study: http://www.toronto.ca/danforthstudy

The full study area will span a six-kilometre stretch of Danforth Avenue, between Broadview and Victoria Park Avenues. Within that stretch, three types of studies will be undertaken including:

  • Complete street study (Broadview Avenue to Victoria Park Avenue) to examine the roadway width and review options for a complete street design and the potential for on-street protected bike lanes to improve road safety.
  • Economic and retail study (Broadview Avenue to Victoria Park Avenue) to provide an understanding of the area’s economic environment and issues faced by retailers along Danforth Avenue to support and promote economic vitality.
  • Planning study (Broadview Avenue to Coxwell Avenue) to identify future city-building opportunities, guide new development, and enhance the public realm and quality of place.

More information about Complete Streets in Toronto is available at: http://www.toronto.ca/completestreets.

Stay tuned for updates and future meeting dates!