Ward 14 is a cycling community. Whether for getting around the City every day or enjoying our parks, valleys and waterfront—pedal power is the way to go.

More and more residents are choosing to cycle to get to and from work, but the City is not keeping up with the demand when it comes to installing cycling infrastructure and expanding or even maintaining the bike lane network. I am working with my colleagues on Council and advocacy groups like Ward 14 Bikes and Cycle Toronto to advance the cycling agenda at City Hall.



Ward 14 Bikes

Ward 14 Bikes is the official cycle advocacy group for Ward 14. The former Ward 29 Bikes and former Ward 30 Bikes groups merged after the 2018 municipal election. Visit their Facebook page here:




Danforth Loves Bikes Sticker


Danforth Loves Bikes

Danforth bike lanes would fill a significant gap in the network

There is a significant gap in Toronto’s cycling network east of the Don Valley. The Bloor Viaduct helps connect east end cycling commuters out of the core via the protected bike lanes on Sherbourne St. However, the lanes end at Broadview Ave. There are several north-south bike routes east of Broadview Ave but no high quality infrastructure options to connect them.

Danforth Ave is the east-end’s only route with the potential to extend continuously to the downtown west of the Don Valley. All of the other bridges (Gerrard, Dundas and Queen) have streetcar tracks which make continuous routes challenging, if not impossible. Danforth is a consistent width (16.5 m) and significantly wider than all of the east-end alternatives with more potential to accommodate cycling infrastructure with less impact on traffic and parking