Planning & Development

Ward 30 is a unique and vibrant community in Toronto. How will it look in 10, 20 or 30 years? Planning for the future means setting priorities for our community, and making sure changes to our neighbourhoods are consistent with our vision for a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous community.

Working with City Planning, I continue to work to ensure the highest standard is met for public input and consultation, to ensure development is to scale, mixed use and helps contribute to a more inclusive Ward 30. Together with the community, Ward 30 has been the subject of several planning studies, which were the result of years of consultation and input from our community.

Our most recent accomplishment has been to secure the Red Door Shelter’s new home in a new development on Queen St. East. Upon hearing that the Red Door Shelter was facing relocation, I worked with the City, the developers, the shelter and thousands of residents to push for a breakthrough solution to keep these families in our community. My sincere hope is that this becomes an example for the City as we work to plan complete communities.


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Queen Street East (Leslie Street to Coxwell Avenue) Study – Ward 30 & 32
Queen Street East (Leslie Street to Coxwell Avenue) Study.

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Carlaw + Dundas Community Initiative
The purpose of the Carlaw + Dundas Community Initiative is to explore opportunities for pedestrian, transit, public realm improvements and community benefits and the relationship of this community to the surrounding residential community.

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