Carlaw Dundas Public Realm Improvements

City Council adopted the Carlaw + Dundas Community Initiative, put forward by Councillor Paula Fletcher, which establishes a vision for the Carlaw + Dundas community and identifies priority projects and strategies to implement improvements to public outdoor spaces in the area. As part of this larger initiative, a suite of public space improvement projects are being undertaken. These include design and upgrades to the Carlaw + Dundas Triangle (official name to be determined), Jimmie Simpson Park Gateway, and Badgerow Parkette. These projects are planned to integrate historical structures, features, and storylines into the design improvements and reflect community input.

In addition, streetscape guidelines are being developed that highlight the uniqueness of this area through design innovation and material choices that contribute to a ‘sense of place’ and form part of the historical, industrial and cultural narrative for Carlaw and Dundas.

Heritage Study Report

Carlaw + Dundas Triangle (official name to be determined)

Jimmie Simpson Park Gateway

Upgrades to Badgerow Parkette.

Boston Avenue

New Crosswalk

A new signalized crosswalk has been installed on Carlaw Ave, north of Colgate Ave.
Thanks to all of you who advocated for this!