Winner Announced for Carlaw + Dundas Signature Marker Design!

The winning design has been selected for the Signature Marker to be featured in the Carlaw-Dundas triangle, the City-owned open space west of Carlaw Avenue, north of Dundas Street East, and south of Dickens Street.

An eight-member jury, which included community members, City staff and consultants, is pleased to announce that the winning submission is Pierre Poussin’s “Brick Obelisk“. Poussin is an internationally-acclaimed Toronto artist and designer specializing in large-scale public art installations. The design consists of an intricately patterned monument made of laser-cut, weathered steel etched with local maps from different time periods. It will become an iconic feature of the neighbourhood in a new urban gathering space.

Click here to view the City of Toronto’s Media Release announcing the winner.

Click here to view Councillor Paula Fletcher’s news update.